Q+A About The Carmelle Reception Center

exterior of the carmelle reception center by adrian wayment photo

If you’re needing a ceremony or reception venue with an elegant, spiral staircase or beautifully landscaped grounds with a waterfall and gazebo, look no further than the Carmelle Reception Center. This beautiful reception center is located on Highland Drive in Salt Lake and has an elegant atmosphere and a mahogany baby grand player piano that will leave your guests “ooh-ing” and “ahh-ing” over the gorgeous details of this venue. I love the laid back atmosphere of the Carmelle Reception Center and the ability to choose or have provided for you a lot of great amenities. I’m grateful to Debbie at Carmelle for answering some questions that you’ll run into as you’re thinking about booking this venue for your big day. To inquire about this venue, visit their website, linked here.


Payment & Rental Fee At The Carmelle Reception Center

  1. How many people can your location accommodate?
    • We can hold up to 130 guests at one time and up to 500 guests if they will be coming and going.
  2. What is the rental fee, and what’s included in that price?
    • There is a ceremony fee of $350. The fee includes a rehearsal, chairs and music. It also includes seating for up to 100 guests.
    • Rental for the building is $1900 for a weekday and $2200 for a weekend.
    • This includes our venue inside and out.
    • We have a wedding planner that can help answer any questions throughout your planning process.  You are able to be in the venue for 6 hours (4:00 PM-10:00 PM).
    • There will also be a hostess here during your reception to help make everything run smoothly.
    • We have easels for displaying photos,
    • an entry table for a book, display tables, space for gifts,
    • a beautiful spiral staircase,
    • a large TV on the wall if you choose to show a video,
    • a sound system with Bluetooth capabilities to run music, or you are welcome to use the player piano.
    • We have many centerpiece options that you are welcome to use, or you can bring in your own.
    • Once you have cut your cake the hostess will take care of cutting and serving guests if you would prefer that.
    • The garden has a waterfall, bridge, gazebo, and eating areas.
    • All of this is included in the cost of the venue.
  1. Do you accept payment plans? 
    • All receptions need to be paid for before their event, but the couple can pay as they go through the planning process.
  2. What’s your weather backup plan for outdoor spaces? 
    • We have a beautiful indoor space that comes with the outdoors, so things can easily be moved indoors.


Catering & Vendors

  1. Do you have an in-house caterer or a list of “preferred” caterers, or does the couple need to provide their own? If there is an in-house caterer, does the couple have the option of using an outside caterer instead? 
    • We have an indoor caterer, though they are welcome to bring in anyone they like for food, with a $100 charge. If the couple chooses to use our in-house caterer, food starts at $5.50 per person. This includes all the dishes and staff needed to take care of your food, as well as many linen choices.
  2. Can the couple hire their own vendors or is there a preferred vendor list they need to stick to? 
    • The couple can use any vendors that they want for all other items with no charge.


Amenities At The Carmelle Reception Center

  1. Are tables, linens, chairs, plates, silverware and glassware provided or will does the couple need to rent them on their own?
    • Tables and chairs are included. If the couple is bringing in their own food, black and navy cloths are available for use. The couple can rent dishes or can bring in their own. If the couple uses our catering services, we have many colors of table cloths available, as well as providing all dishes and staff.
  2. Do you have an inventory of decor that can be borrowed from? 
    • We do have decor that they are welcome to borrow.
  3. Can things be moved around, or is everything supposed to stay as is?
    • The piano and two larger buffets are not able to be moved. However, everything else can be moved around upon request while planning.
  4. Can the couple use their own candles/confetti/sparklers/food-trucks? 
    • They can bring in candles, though they have to follow fire code and be covered.  Sparklers are welcome.
  5. Are there changing areas for the bride, groom, and/or wedding party? 
    • There are changing areas for women and men.
  6. Do you provide heating and/or umbrellas for outdoor spaces? 
    • We don’t have heaters for the garden, we do have umbrellas for the outdoor tables.
  7. Do you have a sound system and/or microphones for speeches?
    • We do have a sound system with Bluetooth capabilities to run music and a microphone.


Parking & Alcohol

  1. Is there parking on site and if so, is it complimentary? If not, where will guests park? 
    • Yes, there is parking on site.
  2. Are you licensed to provide alcohol service?
    • We do not have an alcohol license.


Your Utah Wedding Photographer

Whether you’re thinking about booking the Carmelle Reception Center or another venue in Utah, I would absolutely love to be your photographer for your big day. Either way, fill out this form, as my calendar fills up fast! I hope these questions and answers were helpful for you as you’re navigating the planning process. If you’re looking for other venues located in Salt Lake, Park City or Ogden, check out these other blog posts linked below. I also have helpful information from wedding planners in the area, so those will be linked below as well! Let me know if you have any questions related to photography or wedding venues or anything! Happy venue shopping!

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