The Sorrel River Ranch Wedding Venue

flowers at the gorgeous sorrel river ranch wedding venue by adrian wayment photo

If you’re looking for a gorgeous wedding venue near Moab, the Sorrel River Ranch wedding venue is absolutely stunning and will exceed well beyond your high expectations. Set amongst the most spectacular scenery near southern Utah’s famous arches and red rock mountains, Sorrel River Ranch Resort and Spa sits on 240 acres of wide open ranch land. The resort is tucked away along the Colorado River. If you’re looking to experience a place that uses “luxurious” and “rustic” in the same sentence, you’re in the right place. The ranch resort offers personalized service and wonderful accommodations. Here at the luxury hotel in Moab you’ll find the perfect blend of awe-inspiring western wilderness, highlighted by farm-to-table cuisine, decadent spa treatments, glorious bath amenities, in-room fireplaces and Jacuzzi tubs.

Betty from the Sorrel River Ranch Resort & Spa was so kind to answer some questions that you’ll run into as you’re planning your big day. The Sorrel River Ranch wedding venue is one of a kind with friendly and helpful staff that will guide you every step of the way on your wedding day. If you have further questions about this gorgeous resort, check out their website here.


Payment, Rental Fee & Vendors

  1. How many people can your location accommodate?
    • Depends on the location – 50 – 300 on outdoor locations
  2. What is the rental fee, and what’s included in that price? 
    • Venue pricing depends on the event. The pricing range is anywhere between $500 and $10,000.
  3. Do you accept payment plans? 
    • We require a deposit of 25% of the event cost and the event must be fully paid 45 days prior to the event.
  4. What’s your weather backup plan for outdoor spaces? 
    • We have indoor space options.
  5. Do you have an in-house career or a list of “preferred” caterers, or does the couple need to provide their own? If there is an in-house caterer, does the couple have the option of using an outside caterer instead? 
    • We do all food and beverage in house. We do not allow outside catering.
  6. Can the couple hire their own vendors, or is there a preferred vendor list they need to stick to?
    • We can provide a vendor list, or they can use vendors of their choice.


Amenities For Your Sorrel River Ranch Wedding

  1. Are tables, linens, chairs, plates, silverware and glassware provided or will does the couple need to rent them on their own?
    • We provide a selection of linens as well as chairs, plates, silverware and glassware.
  2. Do you have an inventory of decor that can be borrowed from?
    • Not at this time.
  3. Can things be moved around, or is everything supposed to stay as is?
    • We are able to move things around.
  4. Can the couple use their own candles/confetti/sparklers/food-trucks?
    • Guests can bring their own candles and decor and additional items. A food truck would have to be provided through the ranch.
  5. Are there changing areas for the bride, groom, and/or wedding party?
    • This can be arranged!
  6. Do you provide heating and/or umbrellas for outdoor spaces?
    • Yes.
  7. Do you have a sound system and/or microphones for speeches?
    • Yes, we do have a speaker and microphone.


Parking & Alcohol At The Sorrel River Ranch

  1. Is there parking on site and if so, is it complimentary? If not, where will guests park? 
    • We do offer parking on site, and we have both valet and self parking.
  2. Are you licensed to provide alcohol service?
    • Yes.


Your Sorrel River Ranch Wedding Photographer

If you’re still looking for a photographer for your wedding day, I would love to be your Utah wedding photographer at the Sorrel River Ranch wedding venue or any other venue you’re choosing. Either way, just get in touch with me to make sure that I’m available, even if you haven’t booked your venue yet! Let’s get your date on the calendar. Maybe you are searching for some inspiration for your engagement photos, if so, check out this blog post!