Spring Farm Weddings in Spring City, Utah

flowers at spring farm by adrian wayment photo

There are a LOT of beautiful wedding venues in Utah. LOTS. But Spring Farm has a unique and certain charm to it that is distinguishable amongst the others. The coziness of the environment, the lavender fields and the gorgeous white barn makes for a truly gorgeous wedding venue. As their website says, step back to a simpler time and experience life at a slower pace at Spring Farm.

Located in historic Spring City, Spring Farm is just a short one-hour drive from Provo (or an hour and forty-five minutes from Salt Lake) yet you feel like you are worlds away. The sheep on the drive is the only traffic jam you’ll experience on Main Street and the brightest lights are the stars overhead. I was able to ask the management at Spring Farm some frequently asked questions and got some very helpful information that I wanted to share here!


Payment, Rental Fee & Vendors

  1. How many people can your location accommodate?
    • Up to 150.
  2. What is the rental fee, and what’s included in that price?
    • Rental fee is from $2,400-$3,900 – We have packages from a half-day use, to a 3-day weekend with sleeping accommodations for guests.
  3. Do you accept payment plans?
    • No payment plans.
  4. What’s your weather backup plan for outdoor spaces?
    • The Barn is our backup plan.
  5. Do you have an in-house career or a list of “preferred” caterers or does the couple need to provide their own? If there is an in-house caterer, does the couple have the option of using an outside caterer instead?
    • This is a venue only. We do have a list of vendors that we have worked with, but it is up to the couple to decide.
  6. Can the couple hire their own vendors or is there a preferred vendor list they need to stick to?They can hire their own vendors.


Amenities at Spring Farm

  1. Are tables, linens, chairs, plates, silverware and glassware provided or will does the couple need to rent them on their own?
    • We provide 15 tables and 100 chairs, garbage cans, Bistro Lights in the Barn – the couple provides the rest.
  2. Are there changing areas for the bride, groom, and/or wedding party?
    • Yes, each event has the full use of the Farmhouse – including 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms
  3. Do you have an inventory of decor that can be borrowed from?
    • No.
  4. Can things be moved around or is everything supposed to stay as is?
    • If it is not attached to walls, it can be moved.
  5. Can the couple use their own candles/confetti/sparklers/food-trucks?
    • No candles, only biodegradable confetti, no sparklers, and yes on food trucks.
  6. Do you provide heating and/or umbrellas for outdoor spaces?
    • Two space heaters for outside, and we have some fire drums as well. No umbrellas, just trees for shade.
  7. Do you have a sound system and/or microphones for speeches?
    • Bring your own sound system, but plenty of plugs both in the barn and out.


Parking & Alcohol

  1. Is there parking on site and if so, is it complimentary? If not, where will guests park?
    • Guests park on the road in front of the property. There is always plenty of parking, and it is free.
  2. Are you licensed to provide alcohol service?
    • We do not provide alcohol service, but private parties can serve alcohol as long as they follow state law.


Spring Farm Wedding Photographer

Ultimately, I would love nothing more than to be your Utah wedding photographer for your Spring Farm wedding! If you want to check out their venue, here is the link! Contact me here and let’s chat about any questions you might have regarding photography or your big day. If you want to check out other wedding venues in Utah, here are five gorgeous Utah County wedding venues. Lastly, if you’re thinking of going further south than Spring City and getting married in Zion’s, here are six Zion National Park wedding venues that will blow your mind.