Three Gorgeous Utah Wedding Chapels

outdoor of a utah wedding chapel by adrian wayment photo

If you’re on the search for Utah wedding chapels, here are three amazing options for you to consider. From a gorgeous chapel on the University of Utah campus to a chapel on the Utah State Capitol property, you can’t go wrong with one of these three classic and gorgeous chapels. They all have a beautiful, rich history with gorgeous locations for portraits after the ceremony. I would love to be your wedding photographer for your big day at any of these locations! I have linked each website for you to learn more about them, but for now here is a brief overview!


Skaggs Memorial Chapel

The Skaggs Memorial Wedding Chapel is a chapel where people of all faiths could come and celebrate their covenant of marriage in a beautiful space. The Chapel seats 115 guests and features an intimate reception room and a courtyard for outdoor events. The chapel is conveniently located in the downtown area, close to the University of Utah and has ample parking. This Utah wedding chapel is a beautiful, stained-glass space with vaulted architecture. Skaggs Memorial Chapel also has a brides room as well as a grooms dressing room. The brides room is bright and airy and provides a lovely private space in which the bride can relax and prepare for their perfect entrance into the chapel. To make a reservation, visit this link here with more information on how to inquire.


Fort Douglas Post Chapel

Fort Douglas Post Chapel is a historic, non-denominational chapel. This chapel was built in 1883 and has a rich history of military weddings being performed here. This gorgeous chapel includes stained-glass windows and pew seating for 150 guests. As part of the package deal when you book a wedding at Fort Douglas, you receive one free night at the University Guest House which is perfect for the brides room on the day of the wedding. The hotel is very clean, the breakfast is plentiful and the view from the hotel is beautiful. The U of U campus is a gorgeous area for portraits and makes for the perfect day for newlyweds. To make a reservation, you can visit this link here or call 801-587-2925. The address is 120 South Fort Douglas Blvd. Building 648 in Salt Lake City.


White Memorial Chapel

Last but not least is the White Memorial Chapel. It is one of the three Utah wedding chapels and was first built in 1883. It was originally located on A Street and 2nd Avenue. In 1973, the chapel was carefully disassembled to ensure elements could be reused. In 1976, the chapel was rebuilt on land donated by the Utah State Legislature in celebration of the nation’s 200th birthday. The builders used the chapel’s original steeple, Gothic windows, doors, and benches. It served as the founding location for the first Boy Scout troop in Utah. It also served as the location where the LDS Sunday School program began. The main purpose of this building has evolved into a non-denominational chapel for civic purposes. To schedule an event, check out this link. This chapel is absolutely gorgeous.


Your Utah Wedding Chapel Photographer

Ultimately, whether you’re tying the knot in a chapel or elsewhere, I would love to be by your side capturing it all! As the chaos of the big day subsides and the guests have all left, your wedding cake has been eaten, your flowers and greenery have wilted, and you’ve stored away your dress, the photographs are all that will remain for generations to come. Your story through the photographs are worth the investment. Contact me here and let’s chat about any questions you might have! If you’re still looking for other venues in Salt Lake, check out this blog post here with three unique Salt Lake City wedding venues.