Seven Zion National Park Wedding Venues That Will Blow Your Mind

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If you’re looking for a list of Zion National Park wedding venues, you’re in the right place! Holding your wedding ceremony in a remote, beautiful outdoor location is such a great idea. If you’ve been to Zion’s National Park, you know how gorgeous it is. If you’re willing to follow a few rules, it’s even possible that you can get married there. Zion’s stunning red rock canyon walls are a beautiful backdrop, however there are a few steps you’ll have to take to host your wedding within the park.

The first step is to fill out an application found on the National Park Service’s website. There are only a few specific sites where you can host a wedding or elopement in Zion. At each site, there is a cap on the number of people that you can have at your event. Now the question is, where exactly are your options when it comes to tying the knot at Zion’s National Park? Read through the entire blog post for tips when planning your ceremony in Zion’s National Park. If you’re still looking for a wedding or elopement photographer, fill out this form! I would love nothing more than to be your photographer when you tie the knot at this gorgeous location! Contact me here and let’s talk about the details of your big day. My availability for the year is filling up fast, so let’s chat!


Zion Overlook

One of the most popular places in the park is Zion Overlook. If you’ve seen elopement photos in Zion, some of them (if not all) were taken at Zion Overlook, but for good reason!!! It’s such an epic location. Because of its popularity, I highly recommend eloping at sunrise. I’ve been at the park during the week at sunset and there are still a few visitors, but definitely not as many as what you’ll see on a weekend. If you don’t mind a few visitors, sunset during the week is also an option! I’ll post photos at the bottom of this post of an elopement I recently did at the Overlook!


Temple of Sinawava

One of the Zion National Park wedding venues is the Temple of Sinawava. When I say “wedding venue,” I am referring to the location of where your ceremony in the park can happen. Wedding permits in Zion are only approved for groups up to 100 people. Permits are also not approved for any other area other than what is described in this blog post. It’s also important to keep in mind that these are public areas, and park visitors are not excluded from the site during your ceremony. The Temple of Sinawava has a maximum group capacity of 35 people.


Menu Falls

If you’re looking to keep your wedding intimate and small, this gorgeous site has a maximum capacity of 10 people. Another thing to consider if you’re looking to keep your wedding intimate is the idea of doing your ceremony at sunrise. As mentioned before, park visitors are allowed to watch your wedding ceremony or pass through your area. You can greatly decrease your chances of this happening by holding the ceremony earlier in the day.


Zion Lodge Lawn

The Zion Lodge Lawn holds a maximum of 75 people. It is perfect if you’re looking for a larger area in Zion’s to host your wedding. It’s important to note that foot travel will be restricted to established roadways and identified permitted trails. No physical changes may be made to the environment and any decorations will need prior approval. The throwing of confetti, birdseed, or similar items is prohibited. Releasing birds, butterflies, or other animals is also not allowed.


Nature Center North Lawn

The Nature Center North Lawn is only available November through early April and holds a maximum of 50 people. For a simple ceremony in a pre-approved area, the application and application fee of $100 must be received at least three weeks prior to the requested date. Until a Special Use Permit is approved and issued, the requested date and location can not be guaranteed. Monitors are typically required for any approved wedding permit that is complex in nature. The use of 25 chairs is permitted on the Nature Center Lawn under certain circumstances. If the chairs do not penetrate the grass, such as straight legged chairs, then they are allowed.


South Campground Amphitheater

The largest Zion National Park wedding venue within the park is the South Campground Amphitheater. This location holds up to 100 people. According to the terms and conditions of the wedding permits, erecting of banners and signs is not allowed. Food service is also prohibited. Vehicles entering the park for the wedding are subject to the $35 entrance fee.


Kolob Canyon Area

The Kolob Canyon Area is gorgeous with a Timber Creek Overlook. This wedding venue in Zion’s National Park holds a maximum of 20 people and 4 cars. Use of this area for reception gatherings or wedding ceremonies is on a first come, first served basis. Unfortunately, reservations can not happen. No public address system or amplified music is permitted, and noise levels must not exceed normal speaking volume. Open fires are only allowed in designated sites. Chairs are permitted at Temple of Sinawava, Lodge Lawn and South Campground Amphitheater. They are not to exceed the number of people that are permitted at the respective sites.


Your Zion National Park Wedding Photographer

I hope this has been helpful for you! I want to be a resource and guide for you as you navigate the planning process. Although there are many rules and regulations that you must follow when it comes to getting your ceremony permit, I know it’s worth it. The views and atmosphere of Zion’s National Park is definitely worth all the hoops that you have to jump through. These epic Zion National Park wedding venues are incredible and would make for an unforgettable day. If you have any questions about photography or anything really, I am here to guide you! I would love nothing more than to adventure with you and your fiancé and have a blast together, getting some amazing photos of your adventure elopement! Let’s get in contact here.




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