Why The Wedding Tree Near Jackson Hole is Best for Elopements

bride and groom standing next to each other after their wedding tree elopement outside of grand teton national park taken by adrian wayment photo

Are you looking for a unique spot to have a small, intimate wedding gathering or an elopement? Many couples elope to skip the chaos and prices of large weddings. If you’re considering an elopement near the Jackson Hole area, look no further than “The Wedding Tree.” This beautiful hidden gem, located just outside Grand Teton National Park, will take your breath away. Getting married at The Wedding Tree is an excellent option for couples looking to have more intimacy while still enjoying an extraordinary backdrop to their wedding ceremony. As a bonus, you’ll skip out on a lot of the tourists visiting the National Park! 


About The Wedding Tree in Jackson Hole

The Wedding Tree is a place even many locals don’t know how to find. It provides a unique, high vantage point of the Tetons and is located in Bridger-Teton National Forest. This area is dog-friendly and much less restrictive than Grand Teton National Park. The Wedding Tree gets its name from the location’s popularity as a beautiful spot to get married. Additionally, the site features a large old tree that is perfect for a ceremony space and forms a natural “arch.” 

Details of the Grounds

After passing Gros Ventre River Ranch, park in the small parking lot (which can accommodate up to 7 cars) and walk about 5 minutes down the trail leading to The Wedding Tree. The tree sits on the edge of a ridge overlooking the Tetons. The tree itself can be identified by its large base that two trees seem to be growing out of. This single tree has been a popular location for elopements and weddings for a very long time.

A permit is required to reserve this location for your ceremony, and all smaller events need to be placed on the park’s calendar through the Jackson Ranger District. You can do this by contacting their office. However, the location does not permit sound amplification, decorations, rice/bird seed throwing, tent rentals, or catering services at The Wedding Tree. 

The bride can “walk down the aisle” on a dirt pathway surrounded by wildflowers and grasses that lead to The Wedding Tree. An officiant can stand in front of the tree, and the couple can say their vows with a gorgeous background of the Tetons. 

It can get cold and windy in this location, so dress accordingly. Additionally, the park allows chairs and seating added for the ceremony. But, along with anything else brought up, they should not damage the area in any way. If you’re planning a winter ceremony, definitely pack snow shoes!

This incredible spot is an excellent location for an elopement because it provides a beautiful setting for a peaceful, intimate gathering. This nontraditional, unique spot gives couples a place to recite their vows to one another in a calm, inviting environment while captivating views of the Tetons grace the scene (usually without tourists, too!).

bride and groom holding each other after their wedding tree elopement outside of grand teton national park taken by adrian wayment photo

Photography Opportunities

This gorgeous location provides many opportunities for great wedding-day photos! Couples walking along the plant-lined pathway toward the tree, under it, or next to the tree with the Teton mountain range in the background provide epic wall-worthy photos. The tree-lined area offers a beautiful contrast of light and dark, with natural light peeking through the tree branches. The backdrop can change dramatically with a simple turn or a few steps down the path. At the top, two massive old trees frame the Grand Tetons.

Meanwhile, just a tiny turn changes to a lush forest setting. For additional variety, the paths leading up to the spot feature lush, tall golden grasses during certain times of the year. The Wedding Tree surroundings change throughout the year, offering many options on how you want your dream elopement to look.

When spring rolls around, which usually isn’t until May or June, yellow wildflowers begin to bloom. They add a flare of color to the lush green grasses. Meanwhile, fall adds golden grasses to create a different vibe. Likewise, winter adds a whole new element to this flexible ceremony spot. But as most people know, it gets pretty windy and cold in the winter months.  

For candid-style shots, couples walking along the grass-lined path, sitting on a large rock, or kissing under the trees create beautiful moments to capture. 

Whether the day is bright and sunny or cloudy and relaxed, the backdrop at The Wedding Tree always makes for some fantastic photos couples can cherish for a lifetime. At this unique elopement location, there’s also a possibility for visits from local wildlife (but stay far away, and always carry bear spray)!

Wedding Permit Details

Beginning January 3, 2023, management of the Wedding Tree will make efforts to protect and preserve this site. All individuals with events scheduled on January 3, 2023, or later, including new and existing reservations, are required to sign a detailed operating plan and pay a processing fee of $200. The funds collected through the implementation of a processing fee will be put toward activities and future improvement projects directly benefitting users of the Wedding Tree. As stated above, because of a large increase in traffic to the Wedding Tree, permits are now required for a ceremony. You can find permit info here. They do allow couples to use a commercial photographer, but no other commercial services. Couples can plan a ceremony that includes their pastor or officiant. In addition, any close family members or friends who would like to be there for your special moment are welcome. In Wyoming, you will need two witnesses to sign the marriage license (I can count as one!). 


engaged groom hugging bride from the back with the tetons in the background at the wedding tree.

The Wedding Tree Near Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Many couples choose to elope instead of having a large, traditional wedding. Elopements bring a sense of closeness and intimacy, where couples can create memories they will cherish for a lifetime. If you’re looking for a fantastic spot in Wyoming for an elopement, consider The Wedding Tree just outside Grand Teton National Park. You can not overlook this incredible elopement spot if you plan an elopement in Wyoming.

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