A Gorgeous Engagement Session at Snake River Overlook

engaged boy and girl sitting on the road during their engagement session at the snake river overlook.

If you’re looking for a gorgeous spot for an engagement session in the Tetons, look no further than Snake River Overlook! There are plenty of locations for your engagement session in Grand Teton National Park, but I love this spot because I generally don’t run into many people here. In this blog post, I’ll discuss what to expect at Snake River Overlook and some fun facts about this location. This session with Stephanie + Jared happened on a snowy, cold, cloudy day in the Tetons. If it’s snowing in the Tetons, you definitely aren’t going to get the iconic views of the Tetons because of the cloud cover. Even though we couldn’t see the Tetons on this specific day, it was still a fun, adventurous and gorgeous session!! If you’re looking for a Jackson Hole engagement photographer, I’d LOVE to explore with you and get epic photos. Fill out this form and let’s chat!


What To Expect at Snake River Overlook

  • Snake River Overlook is one of the few places in the National Park that you can access year round!
  • This location was originally made famous by Ansel Adams because of the gorgeous photo he took. Check it out here! It’s crazy how the trees growing taller have completely changed the look.
  • The best time for photos is either at sunrise or sunset! Dress warm, no matter what time of year it is.
  • There are no hiking trails at the overlook.
  • There is lots of parking, and it’s super easy to park, even if you’re in a big RV!
  • Sunrise and sunset may be the best times for pictures, but stopping here any time of day is worth it.
  • There are no restrooms at this location.
  • Dogs are allowed at Snake River Overlook, as long as they stay on the paved areas and on a leash.
  • There are no picnic spots (unless you want to use the wall as a table!)
  • Bring your binoculars if you’re into wildlife viewing and spot some bald eagles and other wildlife.


   engaged couple standing next to each other at snake river overlook on a cloudy day.


Stephanie + Jared’s Snake River Overlook Session

This session took place in April, and it still felt like winter. Regardless of the weather, Stephanie and Jared were down to have a good time, and we made the best of the weather. These photos turned out freaking amazing, even though my hands were numb! We laughed lots and just had a blast. After sessions are over, I feel like my clients are now my friends and I always love hearing their story. This is what Stephanie told me about her and Jared!

Their first time meeting

“I was working a concert event and that is the first time we saw each other. As he describes it, “I was leaving with my buddy and on my way out I looked over and saw this girl with eyes that stopped me in my tracks and knew I had to say hi. After I walked over, I ordered a beer and told her she had beautiful eyes. I asked her what her name was and then walked away and threw my beer away without taking a sip. I just needed to meet her.” Fast-forward a few weeks. He started showing up at work, neither of us put two and two together yet that we had met a few weeks prior. We both knew we had seen each other before – we remembered the eyes. Eventually, he asked me for my number and would text me here and there to go out with friends and watch football or baseball. My schedule was crazy with graduate school and working two jobs. I continued to tell him that I couldn’t make it (which was true!) but he stayed persistent. A night finally opened up where we could get together. It was supposed to be a group event but everyone else bailed, so it ended up being an impromptu first date. The best, last first date either of us had ever been on. We both love sports and went to watch what ended up being the final game of the world series. We didn’t watch a single play of the game because we were lost in conversation.”
 boy standing behind girl with hands linked together during their snake river overlook engagement session.

After their first date

“Both of us have previously dealt with toxic relationships that lasted years. We had taken the last few years to really focus on ourselves and our relationship with God as our foundation. I was perfectly fine with waiting as long as it takes to find a man that reminds me of my Dad. Jared was happy where he was in life. We went on a second date the night after the first and knew that we had found our person. We both learned how little time means in the grand scheme of life. Within a few weeks, it felt as though we had known each other forever. We both love to travel and for our first Christmas he booked us a trip to Jackson Hole where I found Adrian on Instagram. I knew this would be a trip to remember, so booked a photography session for our last night there. He was just as excited as I was and throughout the whole session. We had such a great time. Who doesn’t love to travel and take photos with their person?”

boy holding his fiance on the road during their adventurous engagement session at the snake river overlook. engaged boy and girl sitting on top of their jeep at their snake river overlook engagement session.