Obtain a Grand Teton National Park Wedding Permit for 2023!

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Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming is a stunning place to hold a small, rustic wedding ceremony. With unmatched views of the Teton Range, lakes, and fields of wildflowers and grasses, this national park is a wonderful venue to host an intimate wedding with a small group of family and friends surrounded by the beauty of nature. Have the destination wedding of your dreams in 2023 by obtaining a Grand Teton National Park wedding permit.


About The Grand Teton National Park Wedding Venue

The majestic views of the Teton Range, the winding Snake River, and the calm waves of Jenny Lake make Grand Teton National Park a stunning backdrop for a wedding ceremony. Ceremonies in the park require a Grand Teton National Park wedding permit unless they occur in the Chapel of Transfiguration, the Chapel of the Sacred Heart, or a concession facility. There are numerous wedding locations to choose from in this sprawling, gorgeous national park. Check out more about the permit application process here!

Congress established The Grand Teton National Park in 1929 and expanded in 1943 to include other federal acres. Some of the park’s initial goals were to preserve the Teton Range, Jackson Lake, and the surrounding natural environment. This public park has provided enjoyment for visitors for decades. I’m sure you’d love to come back ten years from now and revisit your ceremony location, right?! This is why permits are so important. To preserve the land that we all love and want to continue to enjoy years from now.


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Details of the Park

Ceremony sites are based on a first-come, first-served basis and require an application before the event. Locations such as Schwabacher Landing, Mormon Row (South), Mountain View Turnout, Glacier View Turnout, and Snake River Overlook can host up to 25 guests. Mormon Row (North) and Colter Bay Swim Beach can hold up to 40 guests. 

Small dispersed wedding permits are available for small groups (up to 12 guests, including the officiant). These ceremonies may occur in any park area except reserved ceremony sites, paved trails around Jenny Lake, Hidden Falls, Inspiration Point, String Lake, Lawrence S. Rockefeller Preserve, park partner facilities, park cemeteries, and near chapels. 

As part of the park’s regulations, you may not use arbors, arches, platforms, podiums, rugs, tables, or tents. A few chairs are permitted for guests that have difficulty standing. The park doesn’t allow rearrangement of park facilities. 

Schwabacher Landing can hold up to 25 people and features the gorgeous Snake River, a grand view of the Tetons, parking spaces, and benches. Mormon Row has two ceremony spaces and features views of the Tetons and historic buildings, including “the Pink House,” unpaved pathways, and wild grasses. Mountain View Turnout can host up to 25 people, wildflowers, grasses, and amazing views of the Tetons. Glacier View Turnout can hold 25 guests and has paved pathways, parking, and astounding views of the Teton mountains. Snake River Overlook can hold 25 guests. It features views of the Tetons and the Snake River, paved pathways, parking, towering trees, and a rock wall. 

Colter Bay Swim Beach can hold up to 40 guests and features views of the Teton mountains and Jackson Lake. The area is rocky, with trees that can provide some shade. The rocky beach and calm waters make a gorgeous ceremony space with the Tetons in the background. 

Photography Opportunities

There are many excellent wedding photography opportunities in Grand Teton National Park. The snow-covered mountains, sprawling grasses, historic buildings, blooming wildflowers, and calm waters make great backdrops for wedding day photos that couples will cherish forever. 

The Grand Tetons make a stunning backdrop for wedding photos. From gentle kisses, dancing, the bride’s veil softly blowing in the wind, and reciting vows, the Grand Teton mountains provide a beautiful backdrop for wedding photos. 

The calm, reflective waters of the Snake River make another excellent backdrop for wedding photos. Surrounded by wild grasses, flowers, and trees, this is a great space for walking pictures, the groom putting his arms around the bride, or the couple looking out into the distance. 

Tall trees, calm waters, dirt pathways, and plenty of sunlight make Schwabacher Landing another popular photography location. Couples can pose among the grasses, with amazing views of the Tetons in the distance. 


 groom holding bride at schwabacher landing in grand teton national park after their wedding ceremony.


Obtaining a Grand Teton National Park Wedding Permit

Grand Teton National Park requires Special Use Permits (SUPs) for any weddings and commitment ceremonies held on the grounds. Because this park is an outdoor, rustic, natural environment where resources are protected, and visitors are encouraged, only small, simple wedding ceremonies are permitted. Couples must request permits, not the wedding coordinator. 

Wedding permit applications for 2023 opened in December 2022 and are given out on a first come, first served basis. The park must receive applications 30 days or more prior to the event. Even with a permit, the park does not give exclusive use of any area of the park for weddings. This means that visitor activity will remain the same. All ceremony locations are outdoor and weather-permitting. The park limits ceremonies to 2 hours, and it permits a maximum of 2 photographers. 

The facilities may not be rearranged, and no decorations are allowed unless they are handheld. The park doesn’t allow the scattering of rice, seeds, or confetti. Permit applications require a non-refundable processing fee of $200. Permit information can be found here



Grand Teton National Park Wedding Permit

The Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming is a gorgeous place to host a small, rustic wedding surrounded by the beauty of nature. Your Grand Teton National Park wedding permit offers sprawling grasses, wildflower blooms, tall trees, calm lakes, winding pathways, and the Grand Teton mountains. This national park is the ideal wedding venue for couples who want an intimate ceremony surrounded by natural beauty. 

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