Gorgeous Western Engagement Photos Taken In Wyoming

engaged couple taking western engagement photos in wyoming with a horse.

Living in Wyoming might be tricky during the freezing winter months, but the summer and fall makes it worth it. Kenzie and Weston are actually already married, however these photos are perfect for someone looking for inspiration for their western engagement photos. If you live in Wyoming and are engaged or just want some photos with your lover, I’d LOVE to capture something similar for you. Fill out this form, and we’ll find the perfect location together and have a blast!


More About Kenzie + Weston

I always love reading other couples’ love stories and wanted to share Kenzie + Weston’s with you, ’cause it’s the cutest. Here’s what Kenzie said, “We met in middle school and I really didn’t like him until our junior year together. He wouldn’t give up on getting a first date with me, which I thought was kind of a joke because he was way cooler than me in school. After the first date, we have been inseparable and now 10 years later we have two babies and one on the way! Living with our horses in the cutest little hallmark town in Wyoming has been a dream.”

girl standing next to her horse in Wyoming during a western engagement photoshoot with adrian wayment photo. boy kissing girl on the cheek as they stand next to their horse during their western engagement photoshoot taken by photographer adrian wayment photo.


Your Western Engagement Photographer

Even if you’re not local to Wyoming, I’d still love to shoot with you! I love the western lifestyle and have been around horses, cowboys and farms my whole life. It’s home for me. Whether you’re in Wyoming or another state, let’s capture some freaking beautiful Western lifestyle photos. Regardless of if they’re for your engagement or not, I’d love to be your photographer. Contact me here! Western engagement photos are one of my favorite things to shoot because they’re super laid back and reflect a lifestyle that I love.


engaged couple kissing with their hats on during their western engagement photoshoot taken in western wyoming.

  boy sitting on his horse with his fiance holding his hand while she is standing on the ground next to the horse and boy.

engaged boy and girl standing next to their horse with the guy giving the girl a kiss on the cheek for their western engagement photos.