Three Tips For A Jackson Hole Winter Wedding

groom holding bride in the snow at their jackson hole winter wedding in grand teton national park.

Winter weddings are not for everyone, and that’s okay! But if you’re someone who loves the snow and wants to get married in the gorgeous mountain town of Jackson Hole, then you’re in the right place! If you’re planning a Jackson Hole winter wedding, I’ve got some tips for you. The snow can be tricky to navigate, especially if it’s not something you’re used to. Because I’ve lived in the mountain west all my life, I’ve got some experience with snow under my belt. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer that has a lot of experience in the snow, fill out this form. Let’s get started!


Tip #1

My first tip is to assess how well you and your family handle the cold. Temps in Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park frequent the negatives often. Your wedding day could be single digits, so making sure that your grandparents and other loved ones can handle that is crucial. Jamie at JH Mountain Top Events has a gorgeous ranch where she not only rents out unique and beautiful pieces for your wedding day, but also has an open and beautiful mountain view of the Tetons for your intimate wedding. She can provide handmade wooden benches, a fire and live guitar music for your ceremony. This makes for a gorgeous Jackson Hole winter wedding. The fire, live music and beautiful view come together to create a natural and gorgeous ceremony.


Tip #2 For a Successful Jackson Hole Winter Wedding

My second tip is to have a back-up plan. Only certain parts of the national park are open during the winter. There are many roads that close for the entire winter, so some locations are inaccessible. Having a back-up location is always a good idea for this reason. Hiring the right local vendors is crucial because they can tell you what areas to avoid.



Tip #3

My third tip is to be prepared. Wear appropriate winter attire. Fleece leggings, wool socks (double up!), and a warm fur are great options. Stuff hand warmers in your boots! Make sure that your loved ones have plenty of hand warmers as well. Luckily, most ceremonies aren’t very long, so everyone should be able to survive the cold, 20 minute (max!) ceremony. Certain locations require snow-shoes, so grab some of those just to be safe. If you’re choosing to elope in the National Park, be prepared by getting your permit at least 30 days in advance. You can learn more about Grand Teton National Park ceremony permits here. If you choose not to have your ceremony in the park, we can always take portraits there!


A Gorgeous Jackson Hole Winter Wedding

I recently had the opportunity to shoot a beautiful Jackson Hole winter wedding in Grand Teton National Park and loved every minute of it. We survived the cold temps and got some gorgeous photos. If you want a winter wedding but would prefer to have the ceremony indoors, there are lots of options. Many resorts in the area offer indoor rooms (usually near a fireplace!) where you can have the ceremony. After your ceremony, we can head to the park for portraits! Here are some photos from my most recent Jackson Hole winter wedding. Check out the blog posts linked below for more helpful Jackson Hole wedding info, including my favorite vendors, venues, permit info and lots more!





The gorgeous florals were done by Ashlyn from Juniper Sage Floral Co. and makeup was done by the talented Autym of Jackson Hole Beauty Base.