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flat lay including wedding details such as bride shoes, perfume and the wedding invitation.

When you’re searching for a wedding planner (or any wedding vendor), it’s always best to hire someone local to the area you’re considering getting married in. Ashley from Wild Rose Jackson Hole is an Earth-friendly wedding and event planner. When you hire Ashley to be your wedding planner, she will help you:

  • select talented local vendors who are an integral part of this community
  • work with a catering company that recycles, composts and uses locally sourced ingredients when possible
  • find a florist who creates gorgeous arrangements using Wyoming and Idaho grown flowers
  • design your printed products on recycled paper, or explore electronic options
  • discover creative transportation solutions
  • decorate using unique, repurposed vintage goods
  • create beautiful custom signage to cut down on programs and menus
  • switch out those petroleum-based candles with soy based versions
  • find useable wedding favors instead of single-use, disposable items
  • plant a tree for every guest who flew to Jackson Hole
  • donate leftover food to the local food bank, or donate a meal to a hungry family for each meal you provide to your guests
  • plan a fundraiser wedding that will benefit your favorite cause or non-profit

You can do one of these things, or do them all, it’s up to you! I love that she says, “Having a sustainable celebration is easier than you think, and you don’t have to sacrifice style or skimp on design.” Being kind to Mother Nature, even if it’s something small, always makes me feel good, and I know it will for you too! I’m thankful for Ashley taking the time to talk with me about her business. If you love what you read here, visit her website for more info!



Services & Payment

  1. What kinds of services do you offer? (Month of coordination, full-service planning, or a la carte planning)?
    • We do mostly coordination and full planning. Our coordination package includes up to 18 months of planning guidance and assistance, whereas full planning allows the couple to really sit back and enjoy the ride. 
  2. Do you offer payment plans?
    • No. We take a deposit up front and ask for the balance the week of the wedding.
  3. How many meetings do you generally have with your couple?
    • It depends on the package, but at a minimum we connect monthly.
  4. Do you handle the invitations, from wording and ordering to the addressing and mailing?
    • We help with the wording and details, but we let the experts handle everything else.



Working With Vendors

  1. Do you handle professional services, contracts and payment processing?
    • We help our clients go over their contracts, but leave signatures and payments up to the client.
  2. Can you walk me through the process of selecting other vendors and how the couple is involved with that?
    • After a detailed look at a couple’s vision, budget and priorities, we recommend vendors who will be a good fit for them. 
  3. Do you have preferred vendors?
    • Yes, however, I am always open to trying out new businesses.
  4. Do you coordinate delivery, arrival and set up times with the photographer, the florist, the musicians and the caterer/banquet manager?
    • Yes, we create detailed, custom timelines that incorporate information from the entire vendor team.



More About The Jackson Hole Wedding Planner

  1. How many people on your staff will be at the wedding/event?
    • It depends on the size and complexity of the wedding, but generally 1 per 75 guests.
  2. How many weddings have you planned?
    • Wow, I’ve lost count!
  3. What was the most unique wedding you ever planned?
    • We’ve had the pleasure of being a part of lots of fun weddings, from a winter wedding at Old Faithful in Yellowstone, to a rafting wedding on the Snake River, to an epic group camp wedding, to gorgeous black tie affairs.
  4. How many weddings are you typically working on at the same time? Does it just depend on the season?
    • Since wedding planning is a 12-18 month event, we generally have at least two seasons of weddings in the works. That means anywhere from 25 – 50 weddings floating around my brain at a given time.
  5. Is wedding planning your full time job?
    • Yes.
  6. What is the average size wedding that you plan?
    • 125 guests.
  7. What challenges have you faced with weddings in the past, and how did you deal with them?
    • Mother nature is mostly our biggest wild card, but that is why adventurous people love to get married in the mountains. From rain, sleet, snow, and now wildfire smoke… we make the most out of whatever weather hand we are dealt.


tablescape taken by luxury jackson hole wedding photographer adrian wayment photo.


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