The Best Guide For Your Jackson Hole Elopement

bride and groom standing in front of a helicopter after their jackson hole elopement.

If you’re considering a Jackson Hole elopement, you’re my kind of person. I love everything about Jackson Hole as well as everything about elopements. The simplicity of nature can’t be beat, especially when you’re surrounded by the stunning Tetons. In this awesome guide, you’ll find everything from the best vendor recommendations to ideas for stunning locations for your elopement. If you’re still looking for an elopement or wedding photographer, I would love to be considered. Fill out this form and let’s chat about any questions that you have. I want to be a helpful resource and a guide for you as you navigate the planning process, so let’s get to it!


Jackson Hole Elopement Locations

There is NOT a lack of locations in Jackson Hole for your elopement. There are some really, REALLY great spots both in Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park. Keep in mind that you’ll need a permit (which I talk more about here) to elope in Grand Teton. You’ll need a marriage license regardless of where you get married in Wyoming, which I also talk about in this blog post. You’ll need to keep in mind that some locations will be closed, based on what time of the year it is. I’ve written multiple in-depth blog posts about many of these wedding venues, complete with rental fee information as well as vendor information and lotsa good stuff!! I’ll link those when I list the wedding venue. Likewise, I’ll list 10 wedding venues available for your Jackson Hole elopement in this blog post. As always, email me with any questions that you have!

  • The Snake River Ranch
  • Schwabacher Landing
    • You’ll find more important information and regulations about elopements at Schwabacher Landing in this blog post.
  • Mormon Row
  • Jenny Lake
  • Blacktail Ponds Overlook
    • This is the same blog post that I linked above, but I’ll link it again! Info about weather in the Tetons, permits and more can be found here.
  • Diamond Cross Ranch
    • Diamond Cross Ranch is absolutely stunning for many reasons. Here is more about this beautiful location to elope!
  • Curtis Canyon
  • Hidden Falls
  • String Lake
  • Chapel of Transfiguration


Jackson Hole Wedding Planners

Look, I know you want to keep this simple, but let’s be honest. Sometimes you just want to take as much off your plate as possible. A wedding planner is definitely a game changer, even for an elopement! I require my couples to work with a wedding planner, and for good reason. Elopements in Jackson are extremely unpredictable. I’ll provide you with three awesome recs of wedding planners in the Jackson Hole area. Check out their websites to learn more about them.

Wild Rose Jackson Hole

I love what Ashley at Wild Rose Jackson Hole is doing with her wedding planning business. She keeps Mother Nature in mind as she plans events and it’s truly beautiful to see. Starting your journey as a married couple in the same conscientious way that you live your daily life by trying to reduce your footprint is huge. Wild Rose can create a unique, artistic, love-minded event that is also sustainable and eco-friendly. Ashley can help you:

  • select talented local vendors who are an integral part of this community
  • work with a catering company that recycles, composts and uses locally sourced ingredients when possible
  • find a florist who creates gorgeous arrangements using Wyoming and Idaho grown flowers
  • design your printed products on recycled paper, or explore electronic options
  • discover creative transportation solutions
  • decorate using unique, repurposed vintage goods
  • create beautiful custom signage to cut down on programs and menus
  • switch out those petroleum-based candles with soy based versions
  • find useable wedding favors instead of single-use, disposable items
  • plant a tree for every guest who flew to Jackson Hole
  • donate leftover food to the local food bank, or donate a meal to a hungry family for each meal you provide to your guests
  • plan a fundraiser wedding that will benefit your favorite cause or non-profit

Her website says, “Having a sustainable celebration is easier than you think, and you don’t have to sacrifice style or skimp on design,” which I love!

Elope Jackson

Elope Jackson is an event designer and stylist. I personally am a huge fan of the saying “less is more” so I LOVE the fact that Elope Jackson also embraces that idea with her wedding/elopement planning business. Elope Jackson offers intimate event planning & design for couples who value a personable experience filled with intentional detail. They value quality over quantity. To learn more about Elope Jackson, check out Diana’s website here!

Simply Grand Events

Kendra at Simply Grand Events is a mountain lover, just like me!! If you’re wanting a wedding planner that shares that love with you, look no further. She has a background in interior design and an eye for beautiful details. Her work has been featured in Martha Stewart, Weddings Magazine and other incredible places. She has been in the business for over ten years and wants her clients to feel like they have a heavy hand in the style, feel, and overall planning of their event without all the stress of managing vendors, worrying about payments, or thinking about the little things that can get lost in the excitement.


Jackson Hole Officiants

Two witnesses are required at your marriage ceremony. A marriage ceremony can be performed by a district judge, county judge, federal judge, court commissioner, Justice of the Peace, or by any licensed or ordained minister or bishop. If you need help finding someone to officiate your elopement, you can call the Teton County Clerk’s office at 307-733-4430. If you choose to hire a wedding planner, this will be something that she can help you out with as well. Again, if you have any questions about anything, just shoot me an email!


Jackson Hole Florists

Lily & Co. is truly inspired by nature, considering the gorgeous surroundings of Jackson Hole. Emily pays great attention to detail and has the ability to connect with the most visionary and design savvy clients. Her work is unsurpassed in the industry. From styling flowers for a large wedding celebration to designing tablescapes for an intimate dinner party, Emily has the knowledge, skills and style to craft any vision and creatively direct it into a beautiful, memorable experience. Her work for both micro weddings and large celebrations can be found here!

Little Comet Flower Co. is a favorite of mine. Haley is a floral design guru and her studio specializes in event and wedding design, as well as installations. Her design is inspired by the natural world; flowers that look like you just picked them up out of the garden or off the forest floor. With seven years of design experience, Little Comet Flower Co has the ability to blend styles and adapt to differing tastes.

Another great option for florals is Fleur De V. Vanessa works with flowers to maintain their natural and wild beauty. She believes that the most beautiful flower arrangements begin with the most gorgeous flowers. It is her passion to work with the best nature has to offer. Each floral design combines the harmony of the seasons, a sense of place and occasion.

She wants your event, whether indoors or outdoors, to feel effortless, natural and chic.



Jackson Hole Elopement Photographer

I hope this guide has been helpful to you! Being your Jackson Hole elopement photographer would be a blast. Because I love transparency, my elopement creative fee begins at $7500. If you have any questions whatsoever, let me know via this form or email. However, if you’re looking for other wedding venues in Jackson Hole or just in Wyoming in general, check out the resources below. Cheers!!!!